Doomed & Stoned in Asia

by Doomed & Stoned

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So this is Doomed and Stoned’s first ‘Asia Comp,’ and, as you may have guessed, it’s by no means an exhaustive list (But how could any compilation truly ever be?). I spearheaded this project simply because of my geographic location, which happens to be in Taipei, Taiwan, a little island off the coast of China (Just to give you some perspective, my home state of NC is almost twice its size). As you may have noticed, D&S contributors are farflung. We can be found in Europe, North America, South America, and Australia, though the greatest contingent of us resides in the Northwestern United States, where the scene is rampant. When I began writing for D&S, my location extended our reach that much more, and it was only a matter of time before me and the Goat thought, “Why not shed light on the East?” That was when the Asia Comp was conceived. It was a natural exchange, one that was lodged in the back of our minds before it was ever brought up I’m sure. In fact, Billy Goat was probably waiting for me to mention it, and when I did, well, I went to work.

Now tasked with assembling noteworthy, oriental talent to comprise a badass, one-of-a-kind and maybe even exotic compilation, I went forth in search of Satan worshipping doom bands… only to be hard-pressed. There simply are none. There are plenty of necrophilic grindcore bands, stuck-in-the-early-2000s metalcore bands, and misanthropic, nefarious black metal and death metal bands, but none that bask in the slow tempos of Vitus or the hazy keys of Sabbath. You’re probably thinking, “I bet I can find 10 doom bands tonight on Bandcamp from Taiwan.” You can’t. The majority of these asian bands--and I mean the real local ones that aren’t featured on Cvlt Nation or Invisible Oranges or any publication you typically peruse-- haven’t even caught on to Bandcamp yet. Some of them still use Myspace. Simply put, the doom wave has not hit here. Sad reality, I know.

So I had to look beyond Taiwan, and I found some real gold in other parts of Asia, like Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan, for instance. The majority of the compilation consists of bands from Malaysia, actually, and I wouldn’t mind doing a little excursion there to meet up with some of these guys. That being said, I did include one mysterious act from Taiwan called Scattered Purgatory. They are an experimental noise band, but they sound more reserved than, say, Boris or Sunn O))). I was also fortunate enough to get some material from the likes of Japan’s Funeral Moth and Eternal Elysium, both of whom have new material this year.

Please be sure to listen to Sundays and Cybele, a tamer psych band out of Japan that really delve into trippy textures and groovy tangents. For you stoners, there is Keladak out of Malaysia, whom, along with Nick at Hard Graft Records and the guys at Tandang Records, gave me some great insight into suitable bands for the comp. I don’t want to spoil anymore of the comp; you simply need to listen and get acquainted with some of these lesser-knowns. They are truly extraordinary musicians and I’m sure you’ll dig it like I do. Oh, and be on the lookout for my piece about the Taiwan music scene and music in Asia. It will include an interview with Nick of Hard Graft Records and an interview with a very active journalist and musician in the death metal and grindcore scene, Joe Henley.


Zachary Painter



released May 17, 2016



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Doomed & Stoned Portland, Oregon

Doomed & Stoned brings you the latest and best in doom metal and stoner rock, traversing over four decades of heavy music, with particular interest in underground, unsigned bands in the tradition of Black Sabbath.

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Track Name: Funeral Moth - Transience
Funeral Moth is a rad four-piece "extreme doom" band from Tokyo.

"Transience" is a massive track from the two-track record by the same name, released in 2016.